Color Consultation

Color is the fiber of all good designs, whether it is the interior or exterior of your home. Eve Gimmel is one of the top color consultants in the Treasure Valley. She is amazing if you need help selecting the colors that define your style, or simply need help making your final decision on your color. We recommend her for all of your major color updates and changes.

What is Digital Photo Color Enhancement?

Send us a digital photo of the room or building you wish to paint and we use our color enhancement software to re-color the room/building and then e-mail to you the final result. The result is amazing, giving you an immediate opportunity to see your color design and other color schemes before the painting ever begins. Don’t try to imagine how a color design will look. Let us show you.

What is a Draw Down?

All paint suppliers color chips are made from ink. This can affect the appearance and feel of the color. A draw down is an 8 x 11 sheet of card stock with a paint sample on it in the color of your choice. This allows you to see exactly what the color will look like in the brand and sheen of paint you have chosen for your painting project.

We offer…

  • On-Site Color Consultation
  • Exterior design
  • Digital Photo Enhancement
  • 1000’s of Color chips & paint samples brought to your home
  • Color Boards and Drawdowns
  • Color Matching
  • Room Planning